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Peace of Mind

Now that holidays are just about over I can hear everyone breathing a big collective sigh of relief. What was worth the extra effort, and what wasn't; measured by the toll it took on you to make it happen, and the joy it provided to others. What 20% of your efforts resulted in 80% of joy recieved by others?

For me and my family I realize that the pumpkin pies are definately a priority! Store bought just won't do for my daughter! The few wished-for-gifts and the tree is next, then everything else falls somewhere under that in varying degrees of priority.

The holiday season is ripe with opportunities to lose your mind, your patience...and your spirit. The stress of the deep rooted "shoulds" and "musts" to comply with traditions; our own and the Normal Rockwell illusion of traditions, can make for a gap of disappointment when reality doesn't meet expectations.

Why not consider focusing on the 80/20 rule the next time your preparing for a holiday or event. Give yourself permission to let go of some of the bottom of the list items unless you finish everything else, and REALLY want to do them. You will find that by applying the economy of effort to just about anything you do it will help reduce your stress, increase your joy and help you to gain some peace of mind.

Posted by: Kathleen McCafferty, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Director, Doylestown Counseling Associates, Inc.