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Individual + Couples Counseling / Career Services

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We all experience times of significant challenges in our lives when our usual way of dealing with things isn't working for us. During those times life seems like it's out of control. Speaking with a therapist can help you:

Feel more in control of your life

Reduce your stress and anxiety

Have clarity and focus to help you move forward

Reconnect with your family, friends and partner

Our therapists specialize in solution focused and cognitive behavioral therapy for a variety of problems with: Workplace and Career Issues, Marriage & Relationships, Grief/Loss, Stress, Depression and Anxiety.


Kathleen McCafferty, MA, LPC


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Let Us Help You With...

Are you finding that you have to find a new job or go back to work after being out of the workforce for many years? Perhaps due to divorce, job loss, boredom, relocation, or you are finally ready to find your passion and run with it? 



Feeling a disconnection with our partners or family members can be painful. Whether you are experiencing poor communication, separation, divorce, or parenting issues, you want to be able to reconnect or at least come to a peaceful conclusion. Read more...

Inability to focus, gripping fear, panic attacks, or feeling on edge a lot of the time can rob you of a full life. Maybe you have avoided people, places or situations that cause you the most anxiety. Maybe you are irritable with your family and friends.


Doylestown Counseling Associates, Inc. provides counseling services for individuals, couples, and families in Doylestown, PA and surrounding areas: Buckingham, Chalfont, Furlong, New Hope, Newtown, Warrington, 

252 W Swamp Rd, #36
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: 267-454-2028

Fax: 888-551-1692

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